Salmon sashimi and makis setup

This is my basic setup when I'm making sushi.  Everything close so I don't need to overreach. I prepare the rice first in order to season it and cool it off before I start putting everything together.  Since I normally make them in batches, I pre-slice the fish and cut the ingredients so that all I need to do s start preparing the dishes.  First sashimi, if I'm making that, next the nigiri sushi, then the makis.

There is something special about each type.  The sashimi slices should be elegant.  The nigiri requires that the rice be formed into just the right size and shape.  Many places give you large portions of rice in the nigiri and IMHO that throws the balance of the flavor off.  You should still be able to taste the flavor of the fish instead of letting the rice overwhelm it.  The makis are always fun because you can put just about anything in them.  The trick to makis is getting a reasonably tight roll.  The inside-out rolls are a lot of fun.


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