Salmon sashimi and makis setup
This is my basic setup when I'm making sushi.  Everything close so I don't need to overreach. I prepare the rice first in order to season it and cool it off before I start putting everything together.  Since I normally make them in batches, I pre-slice the fish and cut the ingredients so that all...
Thursday night sushi
Sometimes you can't wait until the weekend.  Sometimes you just need to eat raw fish.  Salmon has all been a reliable favorite and not too difficult to obtain at a local fish monger.
Sashimi is sliced raw fish, normally eaten with a dash of soy sauce and a bit of wasabi.  Though sashimi is not sushi, it deserves to be included because it is probably the best method of getting the true taste of the fish.  The most populate are Maguro (tuna) and Sake (salmon), but you can...
How To Cook Sushi Rice & Prepare Sushi Rice Vinegar  
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Oshi Sushi (Pressed Sushi)
  Oshi Sushi is pressed sushi.  It is one of the oldest forms of sushi and comes from the ancient method of preserving fish by tightly packing the fish with fermented rice.  The more popular method is using sushi rice and adding layers of ingredients, such as salmon, tuna, saba, avocado, cucumber; let your creativity...